Introducing language learning to your workplace will have a positive impact on your employees, clients, culture, and revenue. And it is not just about speaking a new language, it is about creating long-lasting connections across every aspect of your enterprise. The ability to communicate effectively in English is vital to achieving success internationally so it is not surprising that Professional English Communication courses are becoming more and more popular.

Professional English Communication

Our Professional English Communication course is designed to help you develop the English language skills required to carry out your job effectively and professionally. Participants have the option of joining in one of 5 levels offered and are introduced to content rich lessons from Elementary to Advanced (A1 – C1) covering a wide range of key business topics presenting language and focuses relevant to day-to-day or workplace situations.

Participants will be first asked to complete a needs analysis and placement test to determine their level and gaps in language skills. Upon completion participants have the choice of attending in small groups formats where they can make the most of the trainers time and or have one-to-one sessions through on-site learning or through our e-learning programmes. Throughout the course, from start to finish participants are constantly monitored and assessed, helping students to identify where they have improved or where they should focus their attention in the future.

English for Executives

Our Business English for Executives and Professionals courses are designed for business executives and professionals with specific language requirements. We offer customized language training to executives and professionals who have basic, intermediate or advanced level English language skills.

Participants are asked to complete a needs analysis before starting the course, enabling trainers to assess your particular language requirements and to formulate a program tailored to your needs. Your progress is constantly monitored, and your course adapted to meet your needs and priorities.

Training Core Components include

  • Powerful Presentations – the essentials of presenting in English. We cover organizing content for maximum impact, the English of presentations, cultural norms, body language, clear visuals and using the Q & A for a strong call to action.
  • Meeting & Discussions – we discuss key communication strategies used in meetings: presenting a plan, pitching alternatives, expressing opinions, disagreeing, and forming questions.
  • Effective Business Writing – the essentials, such as conciseness, clarity, the correct tone and the importance of using action verbs. We review sentence length, using bullets, and vocabulary: general & business, written & spoken, direct & indirect.
  • Winning Negotiations – discussions here include international negotiating styles, the importance of building relationships and outcome expectations. You will learn what to say in all phases of negotiating, when to be silent and when to walk away.
  • Communicating Across Cultures – we discuss the business and communication styles and norms of different countries and cultures – not just the words, but also the message behind the words.
  • English Language Review – we review the range of English verb tenses, prepositions, modals – (could, would, should), articles, and vocabulary expansion.