Jason Jellison

CCLTE™ Program Director

 Jason Alan Jellison is not exactly your run of the mill academic. Teaching on the university level, Mr. Jellison specializes in lectures on law, ethics, Buddhist economics, as well as the fine points of English-language instruction and academic writing. However, Mr. Jellison does more than just teach.
Mr. Jellison is also an accomplished journalist. For nearly five years, he has hosted a very innovative monthly newspaper series in The Phuket News-Thailand which focuses on Thai culture. In 2016, he also was featured in an economics interview in front of millions of viewers on Bangkok’s Channel 11 news and he has written very well-read articles in The Daily Caller and The Federalist news outlets in the USA.
Mr. Jellison’s story is somewhat unique, though. He had been a member of America’s Civil Service since he was 19-years old and he did not attend university until he was almost 37-years old. Mr. Jellison had retired early after sustaining injuries in the line of duty and found his passion for education when he came to Thailand as a volunteer university teacher for impoverished border students.
Mr. Jellison has managerial experience from his years of government service in the States and he put that experience to work as the COVID-19 crisis unfolded. In addition to giving popular lectures to Thailand’s international students, he responded to the COVID-19 crisis by helping fast-track a number of pressing educational initiatives which are urgently needed by the ASEAN region.
Having lectured at six universities and also having taught at two of Thailand’s most elite preparatory academies, Mr. Jellison is one of Bangkok’s most visible foreign lecturers and he is commonly viewed as an innovative, somewhat radical professor who defies tradition and complacency. His works have been published in seven different languages and he has commanded audiences of readers which have at times exceeded ten million in number.


  • Bachelor Degree in Education (TESOL) Thongsook College-Bangkok
  • 120 Hour TEFL Certification
  • C.P.R. Certification (2014)


  • Head Researcher, International Department, Thongsook College-Bangkok
  • Language instructor, Bangkok-Thonburi University
  • Language Instructor, Vajiravudh College
  • Language Instructor, Suankularb Wittayalai School
  • Best Paper Award (2016) UNIMAS (Malaysia)
  • Journalist: The Phuket News-Thailand (2016-Present)
  • Contributor: The Daily Caller, The Federalist, The Myanmar Gazette