Awards and Scholarships

At the Universal Business School Sydney (UBSS), we always strive to support and promote our top performing students and highest achievers in every trimester by awarding them with different kinds of merits. This term is no exception. Congratulations to all Dean’s Scholar award recipients!

In addition to Dean’s Scholar merits, we will also be awarding some of our newest students with scholarships in the form of financial assistance. Students who have made the decision to enroll in our online MBA program this term will be eligible to receive up to 100% scholarship, which will allow them to study the entire program tuition-free! Furthermore, we also have scholarships with partial financial assistance available to students that qualify.

Students who are awarded a full scholarship will receive a full university credit that goes towards their 16 subjects of study in the online MBA program. The scholarship is currently valued at AUD$ 31,920.

In order to be eligible and qualify for a scholarship, it is strongly recommended that students possess an Overall score of IELTS 6.0 (taken within the last 2 years) along with a minimum score of 6.0 obtained in the Writing and Oral bands. 

Students will be automatically considered for a scholarship if they have submitted the completed application form with all the necessary supporting documents listed below.

  • A transcript of a Bachelor’s degree with a published graduation date. If the transcript is prepared in languages other than English, a certified translation must accompany the original transcript.
  • A copy of a national identification card or a passport
  • A copy of an IELTS score report (the test must be taken within the last 2 years)


All application forms and supporting documents must be sent onto the UBSS Bangkok International Study Centre office by Friday, April 30th, 2021 in order to be eligible and considered for the scholarship program.

Awarding Factors

  • Previous academic records
  • English proficiency
  • Interview*

Applicants shall be invited to take part in an interview with the scholarship committee via a Microsoft Teams platform. Date to be announced.

How to Prepare for a Scholarship Application

Since one of the considering factors to award a scholarship is the applicant’s English proficiencies, we encourage applicants to take a FREE English Proficiency Test by following the 5 simple steps below.


  1. Go to
  2. Complete the information for each field (all fields are mandatory).
  3. In the Group Code field at the bottom, enter UBSSFreetest, and click Submit. Upon a successful registration, you will be redirected to the All Courses page.
  4. Locate the UBSS English Proficiency Test unit and click to log in. Alternatively, you can go to and login using the credentials that you just created.
  5. Complete the assessment.


Note: Please make sure that you have access to an internet throughout the test period (about 20 minutes).

Upon completion of the Online test, please contact us at (066) 114 0142 to schedule your Oral test (most likely via a Zoom meeting or a phone call). Once you have completed both the Online and Oral tests, we will contact you to discuss your qualifications for a scholarship.


หลักสูตร MBA Online ที่เปิดสอน ประกอบไปด้วย รายวิชาหลัก (Core Course) จำนวน 8 วิชา และ วิชาเสริมอีกทั้งสิ้น 8 วิชา รวมทั้งสิ้น 16 วิชา ดังนี้


Subject Code Subject Name
MCR002 Organisational Behaviour
MCR003 Management Attributes and Skills
MCR007 Project Management
MCR008 Corporate Strategy
MCR001 Economics
MCR004A Accounting Systems and Processes
MCR006 Financial Management
MCR009 Business Law


Subject Code Subject Name
MCR005 Clients and Markets
MCR010 Innovation and Commercialisation
MCR011 Strategic Business Simulation
MCR012 Entrepreneurship Research Report
MHR001 Managing Workplace Relations
MHR002 Leading Innovation and Change
MKT001 Brand Development
MKT002 Marketing New Products

การจัดการเรียนการสอนทั้งหมด จะอยู่ในลักษณะของการเรียนออนไลน์ผ่านระบบและเครื่องมือต่างๆ ที่ใช้สนับสนุนการเรียนการสอนผ่านระบบอินเทอร์เน็ต โดยในแต่ละวิชาจะประกอบไปด้วย

การปฐมนิเทศน์ (Orientation)

  • Live Webinar 2 ชั่วโมงต่ออาทิตย์ รวม 13 ครั้ง
  • Live tutorial 1 ชั่วโมงต่ออาทิตย์ รวม 13 ครั้ง
  • การสอบเก็บคะแนน (Quiz) 6 ครั้ง
  • การส่งงานที่ได้รับมอบหมาย (Assignment) 3 ครั้ง


ในกรณีที่นักศึกษาไม่สามารถเข้าเรียนในชั่วโมง Live Class ได้ จะสามารถเข้าชมวีดิโอที่ได้รับการบันทึกไว้ได้ในภายหลัง และสามารถดูทบทวนได้ตลอดเวลา