Language and Academic Specialization

AT THECGSQUARE we offer Academic specialized courses that can help you to prepare for internationally recognised English certificates in TOEFL, IELTS and TOEIC. We also offer courses in Language Proficiency for students wishing to improve their language and business skills in areas such as Professional Chinese Communication (Mandarin), Thai for non-natives and also provide and customize Intensive Language Learning Programmes depending on your needs and requirements.

Academic Preparation

Our Academic Preparation programmes are designed to help students prepare and pass their exams in question through our trainers who are highly experienced in their area of expertise. Our Academic preparation courses are built and designed to prepare you for admission to institutions of higher education and international studies, emigration to another country or even assist you in gaining employment.

Professional Chinese Communication (Mandarin)

Our Language courses in Professional Chinese Communication (Mandarin) are available from Elementary to Advanced Levels. Our fully flexible Professional Chinese Communication courses are designed to suit your level, aims and schedule. Regardless of your sector or professional background, our experienced teachers and quality course materials will help you reach your goals quickly and effectively – whether that’s to gain a basic understanding of industry related terms, conduct business meetings in Chinese and learn about Chinese business culture and etiquette.

Thai for Non-Natives

Our Thai for Non-Natives course offers Expats and their families an opportunity to blend in with Thai people by learning essential elements of the Thai language and the warmth of its culture. Our Thai trainers are experienced and are capable of delivering level-appropriate content and lessons. Whether you are truly a beginner with no knowledge of the Thai language, or you are residing in Thailand, but still need to learn more about its rich cultures and history, we can certainly customize our lessons to suit your needs.

Intensive Language Learning Programmes

Our Intensive Language Learning Programmes can be tailored and customized to fit your needs, requirements and scheduling. We offer in-house, personalized tuition in groups or 1-on-1 formats either face to face or through our E-Learning programme. Our Course lengths start from 60/120/180 hours or can be personalized to fit your budget and requirements.